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David Onek for San Francisco District Attorney

To everyone who gave their heart, time, energy and hard earned dollars to this campaign, I thank you. Thanks to all of your efforts, we made a strong showing last night, finishing second out of five candidates in first-place votes. And while we don’t yet know what the final tally will be, we do know that our ideas, our passion and our dedication to reforming our broken criminal justice system have left an indelible mark on San Francisco.

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Update: With further results in, I called George Gascón tonight to congratulate him on his victory. Thank you again for all your support!

The Nation: Questions for San Francisco DA Candidate David Onek

The Nation interview with David Onek for District Attorney"David Onek, a leading advocate for criminal justice system reforms in San Francisco and around the country, is currently running to be the next District Attorney for the city of San Francisco. If he wins, he will emerge as one of the country’s most progressive big-city DAs, at a moment when fiscal crisis is forcing a fundamental reimagining of our criminal justice priorities."

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Our Ad - 'Future' is Now Running Online!

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San Francisco Bay Guardian Endorses David Onek for District Attorney!

San Francisco Bay Guardian endorses David Onek for San Francisco District Attorney We are incredibly proud to announce that the San Francisco Bay Guardian has made David Onek their number one choice to become San Francisco's next District Attorney!

"[Onek] has by far the strongest credentials and agenda for reform. He starts off every interview and discussion by saying that the criminal justice system in California is broken — not bent, not sprained, not in need of a little attention, but utterly broken...San Francisco could make a national statement by electing a district attorney who wants to change criminal justice, not just make it work better."

You can read the Bay Guardian's endorsement article about David by clicking here - it is towards the bottom of the page.

David Onek Interviewed on Univision

David Onek was interviewed by Univision about our incredible campaign to make San Francisco the safest and fairest city in the country! Click below to watch.

David Onek Interviewed on Univision


David Onek Continues to Lead in Fundraising and Cash on Hand

David Onek for District Attorney Many thanks to all of our incredible supporters for stepping up this fundraising period! Our campaign has consistently shown fundraising strength throughout the campaign and will bring a powerful war chest into the campaign’s final days.

“Our campaign’s momentum is stronger now than at any point in the race,” said Onek. “Our supporters continue to come through for us – as evidenced by our great fundraising – and they will help carry us to victory on November 8.”

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David Onek District Attorney Interview for KALW News' The Informant

David Onek for San Francisco District AttorneyKALW News' The Informant has been conducting interviews with the candidates for San Francisco District Attorney. We're eager to share David Onek's interview with you today!

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Bay Citizen: 'Restorative Justice' Gaining Support, Onek Leads Charge

Bay Citizen Restorative Justice David Onek District AttorneyThe Bay Citizen wrote a powerful piece about restorative justice, which can make San Francisco safer and keep children from becoming adult offenders.

The article highlights our campaign as leading the charge to make restorative justice a central theme to this year's election and addresses some of David's specific plans to integrate restorative justice policies into the District Attorney's Office.

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David Onek's San Francisco Bay Guardian Endorsement Interview

David Onek's San Francisco Bay Guardian Endorsement Interview"David Onek has been running for district attorney pretty much since former D.A. Kamala Harris announced she was seeking the office of attorney general. He's the only candidate who has clearly, repeatedly and strongly said he opposes capital punishment and will never seek the death penalty. He told us he's running because "the criminal justice system is broken" -- and vowed, among other things, to start a restorative justice system for juvenile offenders."

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Our Coalition Continues to Grow - Six New Sole Endorsements for David Onek for District Attorney!

David Onek for District Attorney Our campaign to make San Francisco the safest and fairest city in the country is so proud to announce six new sole endorsements from organizations throughout the City!

We are honored to have the support of the San Francisco Latino Democratic Club, the San Francisco Young Democrats, the Raoul Wallenberg Jewish Democratic Club, the San Francisco Green Party, the Sunset Community Democratic Club and the District 8 Democratic Club. They join other recent sole endorsers, including the San Francisco Tenants Union and American Federation of Teachers Local 2121.

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